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           This product is yellow or white crystal or crystalline powder with melting point 289 ℃, odorless, slightly bitter. It is slightly soluble in water, less in ethanol and insoluble in chloroform but soluble in sodium hydroxide solution or dilute hydrochloric acid and very easily in formic acid. It will get colored once exposed to light in a long time.

      Executive Standard Specifications
      GB/T25735-2010 98%


          This product is feed additive 98.5% L-tryptophan made by microbial fermentation where glucose, yeast extract, ammonium sulfate are used as raw materials and get refined by membrane filtration, ion exchange, crystallization and drying process.

          The product is the essential amino acid to be added to animal feed to promote animals feeding, weaken the stress response, improve the quality of animals’ sleep, also increase the antibodies in the bodies of fetuses and pups and  boost dairy cattles’ lactating. And the use of the product can cut down unnecessary use of quality protein in diets, saving feed cost. Physiological effects of L-type double D-type. Such deficiency of tryptophan would cause neurological disorders, blastocolysis, weight loss, anemia etc.. As a nutritional supplement, it is to make up amino acid infusions and comprehensive amino acid preparations together with other essential amino acids.