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           Through biological fermentation and drying process, L-valine was produced, appearing light yellow or yellow crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, tasting sweet but bitter afterwards.

      Executive Standard Specifications
      Q/1626BNB 008-2012 65%
      Q/1626BNB 007-2012 98.5%


           L-Valine is one of aliphatic amino acids among twenty kinds of proteinogenic amino acids and a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) that an animal itself can not synthesize and must take in from dietary to meet their nutritional needs; therefore L-valine is an essential amino acid. Main effects as following:

      -Valine added to lactations’ diets increasing milk yield. The mechanism is valine can affect the generation of alanine and release of muscles, and the new gained alanine in lactations’ plasma right help breast tissue adjust to the demand for raw materials of glucose and thereby milk yield goes up.

      -Improving animals' immune function. Valine can motivate animal bones T cells to transform into mature T cells. The shortage of valine decreases addiment C3 and transferritin levels, significantly impeding growth of thymus and peripheral lymphoid tissue and causing growth inhibition to acidic and neutral white blood cells. Once lacking valine, chicks will conduct slower and less antibody response against Newcastle disease virus.

      -Affecting animal endocrine levels. Studies have shown that lactating sows and lactating rats’ diets supplemented with valine may increase concentrations of prolactin and growth hormone in their plasmas.

      Recommended Dosage:

      - In milking sow feed, the proporation of valine and lysine should be 1:1 or supplement Valine37g/d-67g/d

      -Also it can be used as raw material for refined L-Valine with high-purity

      Package: 25kg / barrel

      Shelf Life: three years

            Storage Condition: Stored in ventilated, cool and dry place under low temperature